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About - Halai Memon Jamat Jamnagar


Halai Memon Jamat Jamnagar is an non-profit organization in Gujarat(India) registered under Trust Registration No. : B-241 was established in 6/6/1950.It is engaged in various activities of Charity, Computer class, Prize distribution, Niyaz,Naat,Samuh Shadi,Madressa,Baba Fazle Shah’s urs,Burial Procedure,Welfare etc help the brothers of jamat.

Our Mission

The mission of these committees is to make efforts and work together for the development and growth of community in various sectors like health,education,infrastructure,housing,finance etc. to help members of jamat.


Baba Fazle Shah's urs:-

Halai Memon Jamat Jamnagar celebrates urs of Baba Fazle Shah in the month of Rabiul Akhir and Carries out the procession from memon jamat hall to the Dargah of Baba Fazle Shah in Halai Memon Jamat Jamnagar Kabrastan

Samuh Shadi

Since many years ,Halai Memon Jamat and Garib Nawaz Husseini Committee organizes Samuh Shadi ,so that the underprivileged and poor get the benefit and un-necessary marriage expenditure are controlled. All members of that Halai memon jamat Jamnagar participate whole- heartedly and make the event grand success.


Halai Memon Jamat Jamnagar runs madressa for boys and girls so that they get Deeni Talim .

Welfare of Jamat:-

Halai Memon Jamat Jamnagar help the poor and deserving families of jamat financially through zakat. It provides ration during the holy month of Ramadhan .Medical committee collects fund for medicines which can be used later. It provides medicines to the downtrodden and deserving so that they get proper medical treatment many people come forward with kind donations/zakat so that the poor and deserving brothers of Halai Memon Jamat Jamnagar can spend their life free from any kind of worries and tensions.

Annual Prize Distribution:-

Halai Memon Jamat Jamnagar and M-YES Committee organizes annual price distribution function and awarded the students of the Jamat with prices from higher secondary to professional degree courses. Thus Halai Memon Jamat Jamnagar encourages the students in the field of education which has become a necessity in todays high tech world of competition.

Burial Procedure:-

Halai Memon Jamat Jamnagar has arranged for an ambulance to take maiyat to kabrastan so that it becomes convenient for the brothers of the Jamat. Kabrastan Committee which helps and makes proper arrangements for the gusul of the maiyat and its burial in kabrastan.


Halai Memon Jamat Jamnagar has organizes Naat/Niyaz in the holy months of Moharram ,Rabiyal Awwal and Rabiyul Akhir.

Computer classes:-

The jamat has also started computer classes for boys and girls which is managed by M-yes committee.

Samman samaroh of hajis:-

The Garib Nawaz Hussaini Committee and Halai Memon Jamat Jamnagar organizes samman samaroh of Hajis every year.

Samuh Kurbani:-

Halai Memon Jamat Jamnagar also arranges Samuh Kurbani in the holy of bakri eid of three days